Chelsea - Sneijder is our Man!

Written By MR on Thursday, June 9, 2011 | Thursday, June 09, 2011

Despite the ridiculous article put out by ESPN (even though they are quite credible) saying that Hiddink advises us to buy Sneijder, I still think he is the way to go.

A quick analysis of the article says to me that it is utter crap, Hiddink may well have advised this however it just fits too easily for the media to have had it leaked to them.

After finding out Hiddink is an advisor to Chelsea and Sneijder being pretty much out of Manchester United`s reach when it comes to wages, it is all too easy to come out with an article that seems to 'put the pieces all together'.

In football this rarely happens and it only takes one mans opinion (in the real world) to stop a transfer from accumulating.

Back to Sneijder though, he is Dutch, we all know how a much impact a certain Dutch wizard had at Chelsea and how much we would all love to see him back, I am of course talking about Robben.

And with Sneijder and Robben being the same age (come the 9th) I see no reason that Sneijder shouldn`t join. He would put Lampard to the bench and bring out the best in Torres / Ramires / McEachran, as he would dominate the midfield, taking the pressure off the others and letting them do their job.

I think a midfield of Mikel / Ramires, McEachran and Sneijder would hold solidly and also spark Torres and our brand spanking new wingers / Danny. Forget about transfer fees and wages, we all know it is no debt to Roman and we will being selling a lot of players anyway to compete with the financial fair play.

At the end of the day it`s all worth it for this man. And for all that think I am a new boy only in it for trophies and not caring about the old guard like Lampard, common people be honest, at Lampard`s return he was scoring the same last minute tap-ins as Kalou (note Manchester game at Old Trafford) and just about as useful as Kalou in the midfield (note he is NOT a midfielder).

They have served us greatly but Drogba and Lampard must be used as impact subs if we want to contest major trophies and move forward.


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