Doodles On Your Coffee Cups

Written By MR on Sunday, June 12, 2011 | Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's froth art! The cups of coffee that have been turned into clever (and tasty) doodles

These cappuccinos look almost too good to drink.

Pictured on the froth surfaces of the exquisite beverages are carefully produced pictures of well-known film and cartoon characters.

The stunning works - dubbed 'froth art' - were created by a manager at the Fremont Coffee Company in Seattle, Washington.

 Wake up and view the coffee: An intricate doodle of Batman is swirled into the surface of this cappuccino by Christiaan Morris at the Fremont Coffee Company in Seattle

The pictures have now become an internet sensation with coffee fans around the world expressing their amazement with the drinks.

Photographer Chrissy May captured the coffees when she visited the company's offices earlier this year.

She noticed one of the managers, Christiaan Morris, carefully stirring his latte.

After glancing over his shoulder it became clear that he was actually producing detailed illustrations in the froth - albeit temporarily before drinking the coffee.
 Go Pikachu! The yellow and red creature from the hit cartoon Pokemon comes to life in the froth of this cup of cappuccino
 May the froth be with you: The Star Wars baddie Darth Vadar has been formed in the surface if this drink. Even the character's trademark eyes and nose appear realistic

Rather than skim across the surface, Mr Morris plunges one of the long metal rods found in coffee making machines into the drink.

He then twirls it through the liquid until the swirls produced on the surface of the coffee form carefully-planned pictures.

 Full of beans: The time-travelling bunny with long ears and oversized teeth known as Frank in the hit film Donnie Darko smiles from inside the mug

I'll have mine dark, please: There's no escape from evil space villains as another creature from Star Wars, Boba Fett, makes an appearance in this drink


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