Messi attacked in Argentina

Written By MR on Sunday, June 5, 2011 | Sunday, June 05, 2011

Argentine football player Lionel Messi leaves a restaurant in his home city of Rosario, Argentina, June 2, 2011. A young man tried to attack Messi with a punch at the restaurant, witnesses said on Thursday. (Xinhua/Telam)

Argentine football player Lionel Messi almost became victim of an attack on Thursday when leaving a bar in Rosario, 300 kilometers away from Buenos Aires, where a young man tried to punch him on the face.

The incident took place at the restaurant "El club de la milanesa", at Pellegrini and Presidente Roca streets, when the superstar of Barcelona and the national team left the place after having lunch with two friends.

Unexpectedly, and for unknown reasons, a secondary school student tried to hit him on the face, although Messi did not even realize about this event.

"I wasn't even touched. I didn't notice anything and I got to know about this once the stir was over. Nothing happened to me," said Messi when asked about the incident by the Ole sports newspaper.

According to La Capital newspaper from Rosario, the attack took place when the football player, native of that city, agreed to sign autographs and take pictures with his fans.

Messi, 23, arrived at Argentina last Wednesday on holidays, after beating Manchester United 3-1 in Wembley Stadium in the European Champions League final, where he scored a goal.


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This is the dark side of fame, always appears a freak, that does not support the success of others

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