Naked Gym

Written By MR on Thursday, June 2, 2011 | Thursday, June 02, 2011

A struggling  gym in northern Spain hopes to entice new customers by offering nudist workout sessions, making it the first in the country to target naturists looking to get into shape.

Liberal-minded customers in the northern town of Arrigorriaga are invited to burn calories in the buff at Easy Gym, which provides towels for comfort and to "prevent slippage on the equipment."
"We knew we had to innovate because we were losing clients," said Easy Gym owner Merche Laseca.

"Times are hard. There is a crisis. I need the money. I am not a nudist myself, but I don't mind it at all."

Ms Laseca said she hit on the idea of nude exercise sessions after a survey of 600 members of the Basque Nudist Association (ENE) revealed that 90 percent would be happy to exercise, as well as sunbathe, in the nude.

Critics claimed the nude gym sessions might be unhygienic and uncomfortable.

Julian Lopez, a member of Easy Gym, said: "I think the managers are stupid to do this just to get money. They want me to be hygienic, with clean shoes, towels etc ... but when I go there now and sit on the exercise bike what am I going to find?"

Other local gym owners also suggested it was not beneficial for women who needed to wear sports bras.

However, Maite Vicuna, the president of ENE, said "If a woman doesn't feel comfortable, she can put on a bra."


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