New Way OF Making Resume

Written By MR on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 | Tuesday, June 21, 2011

 Marina Yasnaya
Age: 22
Location: Kiev
Education: the Kiev International University, the Faculty of International Economics, a holder of a master’s degree
Languages: English, German
Experience: a manager of economic affairs
I want to be a leading economist in a top international economic company. Quickly teachable, strive for professional and personal growth.

 Roksana Konyuk
Age: 18
Location: Kiev
Education: the Taras Shevchenko National University, the Faculty of Journalism, a second-year student
Languages: English, Italian
Experience: haven’t had yet
I want to be a TV director. If I set a goal, I achieve it by all means. Communicative, have a good taste.

 Inna Prontenko
Age: 20
Location: Kiev
Education: incomplete higher, the Boris Grinchenko Kiev University, an English teacher
Languages: English
Experience: a teacher
I want to teach English to small children. Communicative, pushy, easily find a common language with children.

 Tatyana Shvachko
Age: 22
Location: Odessa
Education: incomplete higher, the Odessa National Academy of Law, a fifth-year student, the Faculty of Civil and Economic Justice.
Languages: English
Experience: an Assistant Attorney
Want to be an assistant judge or notary. Know laws, scrupulous, persistent.

 Anastasiya Tkachuk
Age: 19
Location: Kiev
Education: the Kiev National University of Trade and Economics, the Faculty of Banking
Languages: English
Experience: an advertising manager.
Want to be a financial intermediary. Purposeful, assiduous, communicative.

 Lena Zinovyeva
Age: 22
Location: Kiev
Education: the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts, the Faculty of Cultural Studies
Languages: English
Experience: a volleyball instructor
Have a gift for languages, want to become an interpreter. Communicative, careful, punctual.

Marina Ruban
Age: 25
Location: Kiev
Education: the State Academy of Leading Shots of Culture and Arts, the profession of the Manager of Information Technologies, a bachelor
Languages: English
Experience: model business
Looking for a job of an assistant director. Want to achieve success in all beginnings. Punctual, diplomatic, careful.


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