Bye bye, Balotelli?

Written By MR on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 | Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MANCHESTER - Mario Balotelli's agent insists he has a duty of care to the Manchester City striker that would involve him forcing a move away from the club were he to feel his client had been unfairly treated in the game.

Balotelli's Italian agent Mino Raiola suggested in an interview with a radio station that he feels there could be a conspiracy against him in the wake of his four-match ban for stamping on Tottenham midfielder Scott Parker.

"Mario can't be banned for four games," said Raiola. "He wasn't balanced and there was also a push from Modric.

"It is not an intentional foul because Mario doesn't want to hurt anyone. He didn't see Parker, that's all.

"I want to be balanced but I'm worried because when English players are involved in more serious things, nothing happens.

"When foreigners are involved, such as Balotelli or City captain Vincent Kompany, they are handed tough punishments.

"If I find that there is something strange against Balotelli, my duty is to protect and then take him away.

"In this case I would speak with City, I'd ask them Balotelli's price and would look for the best team for him, as there are only six or seven teams he can play for.

"I talked to Mario who said he is happy to stay in England, but he does not understand certain things and they sadden him."

Raiola also suggested referee Howard Webb was lying to cover his own back when he reported that he did not see the incident during the game.

"The referee saw everything, because he spoke to Mario after the incident," Raiola said.

"So in my opinion, this referee must be banned for life because he didn't tell the truth.

"The TV images show that he is really close to the action. How can he say he didn't see it?"


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