Human Barbie sends 7 year old daughter to plastic surgery

Written By MR on Monday, January 9, 2012 | Monday, January 09, 2012

Sarah Burge, who self-proclaimed herself “Human Barbie” and had over 100 plastic surgeries to embody the doll icon of all times, is sending her 7-year-old daughter to plastic surgery. According to Closer magazine, the live plastic mother has given daughter Poppy a 7,000 pounds voucher for breast implants, as a birthday present.

On her seventh birthday, Human Barbie’s daughter got a breast implants voucher. The mother, Sarah Burge, says that her 7,000 pounds (about 10,000 dollars)-worth gift was not for now, but for when the girl will be 16. “Poppy begged me for a boob job, so I gave her the voucher so she can have it after she's 16, when it's legal”, Burge explains, adding that if her daughter will develop the bra size she wants, she can use the voucher for other plastic surgeries.  Poppy seems to be fascinated by her mother’s bust size. “I can't wait to be like Mummy with big boobs. They're pretty”, she said. “Girls don't want Snow White and Cinderella any more....I'm just supporting her and making her dreams come true”, her mother explained.

Among the other gift received from her 50-year-old Barbie-mother, Poppy got a computer a pink Swarovski jewelry set including a ring and a necklace and a weekend at the spa, for her and her mom.


Kerrianwills said...

It really sound amazing that an 7 year old baby has underpass the plastic surgery. Is these real, by the way in these world of science and technology everything is possible. The plastic surgery is the great way to improve the body appearance.

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Bettie said...

Yes, I've heard of this Barbie before. She's undeniably beautiful. How kind of Ms. Burge to gift her daughter a $7000 Voucher. I can't wait to see how this girl turns out. She might even compete with her mom one day!

Bettie Comerford

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