Nurse Donates Kidney to Patient

Written By MR on Friday, January 20, 2012 | Friday, January 20, 2012

Allison Batson is a very unique nurse in the fact that she always strives to go above and beyond in any way possible for the treatment of her patients. Today she’s making headlines for the truly miraculous gift she gave one of her patients, a kidney. Batson was treating a 23 year old patient and when doctors realized that the boy had a problem with his kidney Batson immediately offered to help if possible.

 According to officials none of the boy’s family or near relatives were comparable matches for a kidney donation, fortunately for Clay Taber, nurse Batson was a match. She had absolutely no concerns or issues with the procedure and immediately offered to give a kidney to the young man in need which is what makes her a truly miraculous nurse in many ways. Nurse Batson is now being praised as a hero because her donation definitely saved the young man’s life but she insists that it was only part of her job.

This story is a truly heartwarming example of what amazing doctors and nurses can do when they care so much. Batson barely even knew the patient as was immediately prepared to give up a part of her self to help save the young man and if it had not been for her contribution he would have likely died in a relatively short period. Taber, the patient, is now recovering well and is expected to make a complete recovery shortly.


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that was noble... supported your ads. hope u do the same for my food blog. :)

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Nurse with a golden heart...

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